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Testimonials from my clients

After I took Bucur, his education was a priority for me. At 4 months I started his training, but after some unsuccessful attempts and doubtful results, I faced real difficulties in controlling the dog in the environment outside the home, and I concentrated on finding a specialist again. This was the time when I met Catalin. I needed a man who could think better than I was about my dog’s mental well-being. Bucur had already reached 2 years of age, showing increased aggression towards both men and dogs, to which the strength and determination of a young male were added. Catalin Cornea’s approach, through his own system, along with much patience, knowledge, perseverance and exercise, helped me and Bucur regain the good relationship we had in our home environment. More than that, it has gone to a higher level.

Catalin is a passionate, involved and result-oriented specialist, ready to share his knowledge when the master is ready to be receptive and wants to maximize his dog’s relationship.

Thank you, Catalin Cornea!

I was looking for an educator for my dog. At that time I did not know how to evaluate this kind of professional. Today I know, thanks to the unique experience called Catalin Cornea Training. So we came to a conclusion: for Catalin there is no dog, regardless of race or age, who is not educated.

Few people find their true vocation, something for which they are “gifted,” and Catalin Cornea is one of them. His working methods are documented, innovative and can compete with internationally recognized trainers.

I said many times: when I get to face Cosmo, I have the feeling that they have the same “soft”, talking in the same language, apparently harder to understand for me. The big challenge is to be part of the “game” and assimilate the logic of it. It’s a matter of assumed attitude, an effort to get out of your own paradigms, to be truly involved in training sessions and rehearsals at home. I’ve come to the conclusion that just so my dog ​​gets better!

Thank you, Catalin!

Diego Brasioli Ambassador of Italy

I met Mr. Cătălin Cornea immediately after we adopted Ivan and I really appreciated his skills as a trainer. His skill and professionalism proved to be invaluable in the way he cohabitated with the dog, making our life much easier.

Mr. Cătălin Cornea is a highly available and serious person, kind and flexible. Ivan and I will keep beautiful memories of him.

Some pictures from my activity

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